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S&S Corner Market

Established in the town of Mammoth, Pennsylvania, S&S Corner Market local Grocery Store conception came from the local families in the surrounding area. It is no secret that the current building was originally being erected for another purpose. However, as the building started taking shape many locals would stop and ask if a store was going in. We received so many different requests, for so many different types of business, from many local residences. As we became more acquainted with many of the local families we decided we wanted to be part of this wonderful and historically rich community. We shifted from our original plans and submitted new plans for a small store to serve the many families in the surrounding area.

As a corner market serving the local community, our mission is to treat every guest with the highest level of courtesy and respect. Our commitment is to give back to the community which we have become an everyday part of and continue to provide quality products that help make their lives easier.

We don’t claim to hand pick coffee beans from any special remote region of the Earth or inspect each bean for superior color prior to being ground. We do however serve great tasting 8’ O Clock coffee freshly brewed hot every day. We look forward to meeting you on your next visit to S&S Corner Market!

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S&S Corner Market

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